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4 January 2013

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Feeding birds
3 November 2012

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30 April 2012

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9 April 2012

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Age of decadence VI
2 April 2012

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Diving 2
14 August 2011

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- 20°C
15 February 2011

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The electrical panel
22 October 2010

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The rage
5 January 2010

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Age of decadence IV
11 November 2009

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Natura morta
7 February 2009

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26 January 2009

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Leaves in the lake
4 December 2008

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Dutch Train
22 April 2008

Recent Comments

Bruno F on Szeged
Superb !

christine on Szeged
Very good shot of a lovely little car in a street with contrasting colors.

omid on Bebek
woooow! very nice & amazing! so beautiful colors & lights!

SalSa on Bebek
Very beautiful shot with excellent lights ...Bravoooooooooo

SalSa on Sun therapy camp
I must be a very good palce ...I like to going to there

Basile Pesso on Sun therapy camp
I love this framing and hard light ! What's this camp ?

Becky on Carousel
Lovin the colors and the fun of it all with this backdrop. Cool shot!

Shaahin Bahremand on Mincio
excellent view Have a lovely day

L'Angevine on Rocca
impressionnant le nuage

Alun on Toblino
Really lovely landscape

omid on Albergo Vilpiano

omid on Toblino

L'Angevine on Toblino
même le ciel a sa montagne.....

omid on Sera lunare
very nice!!

E. on Sul fiume

Sarito on Sul fiume
Wonderful shot..

Mariana M. on Sul fiume
wonderful moment captured here.

k@ on Sul fiume
Super fun angle & invitation.

Mariana M. on Diving 2
super timing ! great shot .

Stefan on Diving
Cool shot, well done!

Sázky on Luglio '10
nice shot,great image,bravo

mark on Luglio '10
great image,exellent compo,bravo

katalog firm on Luglio '10
great shot,exellent colours and details

Candais on La scala

vincent on Carnac
Superbe !

Jean-Louis on -
Très belle lumière. belle image.

Francesca on Alessio
mi par di conoscerlo... complimenti per le fotografie! non sapevo fossi un appassionato. io D60. alla prossima. F

Self-Indulgence on The girl was never there
Stunning colors, the russet, pale green and aqua. I really like the composition too.

Levi Cusio on Limousine
burger and milk! lovely! great concept on this!

Meysam on Limousine
I thought she would be done by today!

Benoit Darrieux on Limousine
Baby, you can drive my car..

Garfield on Limousine
Come on, take the bite! Great concept

SupraSonic on Limousine
You Expressed it well.

Theys on Limousine
Beautiful shot, magnificent bravo!

Sandy on Limousine
fabulous...makes me hungry for a hamburger!

STEED on Limousine
Nice Picture between NEWTON and DEMARCHELIER...

Curly on Big Mac and Milk
Great colours all round!

Garfield on Big Mac and Milk
Hot stuff. Strong colors, and the milk spilling like that ... phew!

Meysam on Ghedi
I love the bike in this shot. Perfect framing.

Meysam on Amanda
It's a very nice portrait. Great contrast.

Meysam on Age of decadence IV
Wow! Regardless of the interesting subject, I like your point of view!

Joan Felix on The rage
Excellent... full power.. well done !!!

Shahryar on The rage
great shot :)

Curly on The rage
The yearning for liberty?

Keruschka on The rage
I like the signification of this picture. " Tirez jusqu'à biser vos chaines ! " Nice!

asphaltfee on The rage
well done black&white! the composition creates a tense impression!

Garfield on Ghedi
Works so well in black and white, with a nice composition

Levi Cusio on Ghedi
beautiful compo and contrast. great work!

zahra on Ghedi
very nice.

Tim on Ghedi
a lovely simple shot! great photo :)

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